Attention All Super Stars
Top Of The Hill Party Zone has
The Party for you!

Invite some friends and sing your hearts away!

This Includes :
  1. A Stage to dance on while singing karaoke.
  2. Accessories to make you feel like the star you are.
  3. Each super star will design a C.D. case and take home a mixed C.D.
  4. Up to 10 super stars per 2 hour visit

2 Packages to choose from

Or add it to one of the birthday bash packages.

Package 1: Invitations for your guests, Birthday star goes home with a 30 minute DVD of the dancing and singing, Each super star goes home with a mixed C.D.

Cost : $12.00 per super star

Package 2: All of package 1, plus pizza and juice.

Cost : $15.00 per super star