Top of THE Hill Nursery School

We offer parents in our community an opportunity to ready their children for the great adventure of Kindergarten.

In a bright and cheerful setting we have developed an engaging and entertaining program for children from the ages of thirty months to five years.

With over thirty combined years in early childhood education we have observed that children who are prepared for the kindergarten environment approach it with interest and enthusiasm. 

It is our belief that students who spend a year in a positive learning atmosphere make the transition to the classroom comfortably and confidently.

We look forward to guiding your child through an exciting year of academic and social preparation for school.


Entering Kindergarten is exciting for both children and parents.  During the year before that giant step, the nursery school environment provides academic preparation for the transition into school.


Top of the Hill Nursery School offers a warm and engaging atmosphere, where children will

  • explore the alphabet, becoming comfortable with upper and lower case letters
  • learn to print their names
  • investigate vocabulary through story and song

ABC Book

Numbers will come alive through

  • counting games
  • sorting activities
  • grouping by colour, shape and size


Children Around Us

Children will investigate the secrets of science around them by observing nature, the weather, and simple experiments


Cultivating and nurturing the imagination of children encourages them to explore and create.  At the same time they are developing fine and gross motor skills. 


By assembling a variety of puzzles children enhance

  • cognitive skills
  • fine motor movement
  • problem solving

Puzzle Pieces

Painting, drawing and cutting

  • stimulates creativity
  • promotes colour identification
  • expands hand-eye coordination

Musical activities foster

  • a musical relationship with the world
  • movement and spatial awareness
  • language, literacy and math skills
  • joyful self-expression

Music Notes

Energetic games
Through games children practice balance and coordination, exercise growing muscles and acquire a love of movement through play.


The Top of the Hill Nursery School invites students into a classroom setting to help them prepare for kindergarten. Short periods away from parents set children up for successful transfer to the longer school day with teachers and peers. 

Dramatic play centres encourage

  • children to interact with their peers
  • use their imagination
  • practice sharing toys and equipment

Dressup Character

Circle and group activities promotes

  • turn taking
  • team work
  • Respect of others and their space

  Play Group

Show and Tell encourages

  • children to talk to a group about their interests.
  • listening respectfully to others
  • self confidently express their thoughts and ideas